At the One World Festival, Transition New Mills ran a Make It Happen! competition to get people to suggest practical projects they would like to see happen locally. Transition New Mills pledges to try to help make the winning project reality, through all the resources at our disposal.

Transition New Mills members are now voting to help choose their favourite projects from the shortlist below, and have a week left (until the end of July), to cast their votes. If you are a member and haven’t voted yet, do it now by sending an email with your first and second preferences to

The projects are:

1) Growing Space: Creation of more allotments or Edible Todmorden style guerilla gardening in order to enable people who want to grow their own produce but haven’t got the space to do so.

2) Tackling Invaders: Working groups to help rid environmentally sensitive areas (eg mousely Bottom or Brookbottom woods) of the highly invasive weed Himalayan Balsam, which out-competes native flora. Preferably with ongoing monitoring and an information campaign.

3) Tree Planting: Working with landowners to identify areas prone to erosion where we can plant native trees. Or seek out possible areas for community forestry projects.

4) Skills for the Next Generation: encouraging schools to participate in Bikeability cycle training. First aid courses for children. An open farm to encourage people to see local food production in action
5) Community Centre: encouraging more use and development of our Community Centre

Many thanks to Emma Glen, Richard Barnes, Julie Williamson and Martin Flanagan for these excellent suggestions!

If you want to become a member, and have the chance to directly influence what Transition New Mills does, join up today! See  for details.