Growing Spaces Meeting, Thursday 28th November

Earlier this year, Transition New Mills members voted to start a new project helping people to grow some of their own food. Well we’ve teamed together with New Mills Allotment & Gardening Society to hold a public meeting on Thursday 28th November, 19:30-21:00, at the Library Lecture Room (between the Town Hall and Library).

We know from discussion with some of you that there are various barriers stopping you from growing your own vegetables, fruit and herbs:

  • Lack of space is a common one; most of the gardens or yards in New Mills are small or restricted, and there are no available allotments
  • Lack of time is another common problem, especially if you work or have caring duties
  • Maybe you just aren’t sure how to grow the different crops properly, or need to know what grows best here, in your conditions, or for the best value
  • Maybe you aren’t sure how to cook or store your favourite crops, to get the best out of them when they have grown

Over the next week we hope to stimulate some feedback and discussion on what your main issues are. Later on we’ll have a look at what some of the potential solutions might be, and what the environmental, economic and social issues are around food production generally. This will help us have a more productive meeting on the 28th November, when we should be able to take some actions forward for the next growing season.

You can enter into the conversation on this blog, on our Facebook page, or by emailing  So, over to you; what’s stopping you growing some of your own food?

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