Tonight (Wednesday 29 January) 7.30pm at the Royal Hotel, Hayfield an event will feature free presentations offering information/advice on cutting energy bills, organised by Sustainable Hayfield. The event recognises that our area’s cool climate and many old stone houses, often results in above-average energy bills.
They’ll be presentations on government schemes – Green Deal and ECO – designed to help households ensure homes are properly insulated and be energy-efficient, sometimes free or with little/no upfront installation cost. So there will be a look at criteria for replacement boilers, free insulation and the like. And there’ll be information offering scope for reduced fuel use. There will also be a focus on how to make use of renewable energy, generating your own electricity and getting some of the cash benefits – via the Renewable Heat Incentive and feed-in tariffs – to help keep energy bills affordable. General and one-to-one advice will be available.
Energy bills get much attention just now. Charges continue to rise. And many companies are aggressively trying to sell products. This event, however, is organised by local villagers for people in the local area, with no selling. The emphasis is on information/advice. So, if you’re simply looking for ‘tips’, are confused or unaware about available help, or want to know more about relevant renewable energy sources, come along. You’ll be very welcome and may learn things to your – and your pocket’s – advantage!