Cheaper Solar Panels for your House?

Sustainable Hayfield is exploring the scope for attracting significant discounts from solar power installers by bringing together households interested in having solar panels installed. Is this of interest to you?
Owners of solar panels get three distinct benefits:
  • a renewable source of electricity, reducing CO2 emissions and dependence on energy providers;
  • opportunity to become more self-sufficient in energy, and reduce bills significantly;
  • you generate an income stream by exporting electricity to ‘the grid’, currently about 15p per KWh, guaranteed for 20 years (a typical installation would have 2-4 kilowatts capacity).
That’s all very positive. The downside has been installation costs. Whilst costs for a typical house have fallen hugely – from around £15,000 ten years ago to £5-6,000 now – this is still a big sum, though they should last for 20-25 years with no problems.
Sustainable Hayfield has heard from installers they’d be very keen to talk, offering considerable reductions on normal prices, where they can arrange a number of installations together in a location. This is because it clearly reduces their costs (travel, scaffolding, more efficient use of time etc.). Sustainable Hayfield would like to bring together interested local households and approach a range of installers with an outline proposal for near-simultaneous installations i.e using the purchasing power of a ‘critical mass’ of consumers to lever savings.
Are you interested? Have you thought about solar power but been put off by the cost or because you’ve not known enough about the prospect? Why not join us in seeing what’s available? There’s absolutely no obligation at this stage, just an expression of interest in the idea. We already have a small number of local households who’ve registered interest, but we want more. That could include you, local friends and neighbours. It would be great if we could approach installers with 10, 20, 30 prospective installations, which we think would be a very attractive proposition to them.
If you’d like to register your outline interest, please contact Mike Crompton of Sustainable Hayfield ( (tel: 01663 744248) in the next 3- 4 weeks. The intention is to hold a meeting of those interested. We look forward to seeing what ‘people power’ might be able to achieve!

Published by Michael Daw

When working for Manchester Met University, I'm responsible for facilitating strategic relationships with businesses and other external organisations. When doing Transition New Mills, I'm on the Steering Committee and facilitating the Energy Action Group.

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