More community energy in New Mills? Have your say!

Is it time for more community-owned renewable energy in New Mills? There are an increasing number of community energy projects around the UK, with many towns and communities putting a lot of effort into becoming more energy-efficient and generating more green energy. Some examples include: Wadebridge in Cornwall, which is aiming to generate 30% ofContinue reading “More community energy in New Mills? Have your say!”

Tackling Invaders

Take a country walk in summer and you will come across a fairly attractive plant with tall stems, green leaves ribbed with red veins, and profuse clusters of pinky white, fragrant flowers. If you’ve been walking for a few years you will also have noticed increasing amounts of it. In fact, so much so thatContinue reading “Tackling Invaders”

Dialogue Opens between Borough Council and Transition New Mills

Transition New Mills was very pleased to meet last week with two prominent members of High Peak Borough Council (HPBC): Godfrey Claff, who’s in charge of Regeneration policy, and Caitlin Bisknell, leader of the Council. We, along with other groups such as Sustainable Hayfield, Visit New Mills and Torr Vale Mill Preservation Trust, were invitedContinue reading “Dialogue Opens between Borough Council and Transition New Mills”