Join (or Rejoin) Transition New Mills!

At the recent AGM I described the importance to Transition New Mills of the membership, and outlined how things had changed in the previous 2 years of its existance Last year (2013/14) Transition New Mills had 24 members. 5 of these were new last year. This is good, and they enabled us to achieve moreContinue reading “Join (or Rejoin) Transition New Mills!”

Attend the Transition Conference – on us!

The North West Transition conference is on in Lancaster on 12/13 July. The organisers say “We have some inspiring workshops lined up. As always with Transition Network events we say no to boring conferences, and will be embracing the diversity, wisdom, and enjoyment of each other’s company throughout the day. In the evening, we have ‘HowardContinue reading “Attend the Transition Conference – on us!”

Join the Himalayan Balsam Working Party!

As part of the Tackling Invaders project, Transition New Mills will be having two initial working parties to help clear an area of Himalayan Balsam, and we’d like to invite you along. It will be very easy – Himalayan Balsam is easy to recognise, pull up, and non-toxic, and you will be shown how toContinue reading “Join the Himalayan Balsam Working Party!”

Big Fracking Debate in Hayfield

Sustainable Hayfield is delighted to be hosting ‘THE BIG FRACKING DEBATE’ at 8pm Thursday 26th June in The Royal, Hayfield (note change of location from Hayfield Cricket Club). Fracking (hydraulic fracturing of rock deep underground) for gas or oil is clearly emerging as a central plank of this government’s future energy policy. It’s making more and more land available, in principle, for testContinue reading “Big Fracking Debate in Hayfield”