Join the Himalayan Balsam Working Party!

As part of the Tackling Invaders project, Transition New Mills will be having two initial working parties to help clear an area of Himalayan Balsam, and we’d like to invite you along.

It will be very easy – Himalayan Balsam is easy to recognise, pull up, and non-toxic, and you will be shown how to deal with it properly. All you’ll need is some gloves and stout footwear, and we recommend long sleeves and clothing appropriate to the weather at the time.

The area we’d like to tackle first is at the Hague Bar end of Mousley Bottom, near to and down from the Hague Bar allotments.

These will be held on:

Tuesday 10th June, 19:30 onwards (you might also want insect repellent for this one)

Saturday 28th June, 10:00 – 12ish  (bring a picnic, and you can visit Hague Bar Allotment Open day afterwards)

Meet in the car park at Hague Bar (heading towards Marple turn left off Strines Road towards Disley; the car park is just on your left after crossing the railway).

If you intend to come, it would help if you could let us know on

We hope to be able to organise lifts there if necessary – let us know if you are up for carsharing, either as a driver or passenger.

Hope to see you there!


One thought on “Join the Himalayan Balsam Working Party!

  1. Did you know that the Himalayan Balsam is also edible, so you can make use of the plant as it’s dug up. The leaves, stems and seeds can all be used (leaves are peppery so good for salads; stems can be steamed like asparagus and seeds collected and used in a curry. Might as well make use of this intruder!! If you’d like any more info on using Himalayan Balsam, please let me know at

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