Visit to Community Wood in Marple Bridge

Matthew and Sally (who take part in the Transition discussion group) are hosting a visit to Rollins Wood in Marple Bridge on Thursday 14th August from Brabyn’s Park car park at 7.30pm. Rollins Wood is a new initiative to create a community woodland, orchard and forest garden by restoring seven acres of neglected land, tucked away by theContinue reading “Visit to Community Wood in Marple Bridge”

Rewilding interest group

A meeting to talk about REWILDING will take place at 8pm, on Thursday, 7th August at Spring Bank Arts Centre (Inghams Room)   AGENDA Welcome and introductions What is rewilding? What are other groups doing, and what could we do locally? Priorities and next steps   I look forward to seeing anyone who is interestedContinue reading “Rewilding interest group”

Taking rewilding further

I hope some of you are aware of the current debate around ‘rewilding’ as echoed in the blog post I wrote here recently. Even better, watch ‘Rewilding made simple’ I have been pondering where to go with this. I certainly can’t do anything on my own, and am very aware of my own lackContinue reading “Taking rewilding further”