Balsam Bashing Dates: Sat 30th August and Sun 7th Sept, Mousley Bottom

Those who were tough enough to brave the rather inclement weather at the last balsam bash were impressed by the results of Derbyshire County Council’s sustained management of balsam in certain areas over a number of years – visible proof of the effectiveness of the programme, and a great morale booster in that we canContinue reading “Balsam Bashing Dates: Sat 30th August and Sun 7th Sept, Mousley Bottom”

What are you doing in September?

My guess is that if you’re reading this, you will be only too aware of the crisis we face from global warming. I’m sure you are also only too conscious that, whilst there has been plenty of talk from politicians and businesses, little has been done on a national or global scale to stop orContinue reading “What are you doing in September?”

Balsam Bash with DCC – Sunday 17th August, Mousley Bottom

Derbyshire County Council have asked us if we could help them control himalayan balsam in an area of the Mousley Bottom nature reserve. Paul Leatherland, from Derbyshire County Council Countryside Services, has had a programme for this for a year or two already, with some success. So if you’re a seasoned balsam basher already, orContinue reading “Balsam Bash with DCC – Sunday 17th August, Mousley Bottom”

Recreating the Wild – what can we do?

A few of us met up last week to discuss what we could do to help return to a more natural state some of the land around us currently over-managed and degraded by humans. This concept, known as rewilding, is a positive, hopeful idea that can be of benefit in many different and practical ways: to alleviate flood risk,Continue reading “Recreating the Wild – what can we do?”