Balsam Bashing Dates: Sat 30th August and Sun 7th Sept, Mousley Bottom

Those who were tough enough to brave the rather inclement weather at the last balsam bash were impressed by the results of Derbyshire County Council’s sustained management of balsam in certain areas over a number of years – visible proof of the effectiveness of the programme, and a great morale booster in that we can clearly achieve something significant with the Tackling Invaders project.

DCC have invited us back, so if you’re a seasoned balsam basher already, or never been before, we’d like to see you there! Bring gloves (although gloves can be provided also) and wear stout footwear and long sleeves, and DCC will supply tea and coffee. You can bring a picnic as well if you can make more of a day of it, or just drop in at any time between 10 and 2.

Meet: DCC Mousley Bottom hut (if you don’t know where this is, it is the brick hut next to the grassed area in Mousley Bottom. Go to the end of Station Road (past Central Station) and turn left down the track between the new houses and the red brick one.

Time: starts 10am, ends 2pm, but feel free to join in at any time for as long as you can; there’ll be directions on the hut if you arrive much after 10am.

Dates: Saturday 30th August and Sunday 7th September

It would be useful if we had an idea of numbers, so if you are intending to come it’d be great if you could let us know by dropping an email to




2 thoughts on “Balsam Bashing Dates: Sat 30th August and Sun 7th Sept, Mousley Bottom

  1. We in Marple are quite surprised you are still bashing: our balsam has set seed and if you touch it, the seeds are spread. We have a few scattered plants in areas we pulled earlier this season with no seed pods which can be simply pulled; with others that have pods, we’ve tried carefully cutting off the flowers and bagging them, then pulling up and breaking the rest of the stem. But I fear you’ll find plenty more growing next year in areas where it’s flowering now.
    Did you know you can eat the seeds? There’s a recipe online for a curry…
    Maz (Rollins Wood)

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