End of the Road for Himalayan Balsam!

Derbyshire County Council rangers have surveyed the areas targeted for balsam clearance, and are very happy that we have helped them achieve this year’s goals.

There will therefore be no organised Balsam Bash tomorrow Sunday 7th September, so you are free to make good use of the forecast sunshine in other ways! With no other events planned, this brings a close to this year’s season.

Many thanks to all the 20+ volunteers who have helped make this project such a success, and to the Town, Borough and County Councils for their support; it’s great to see such enthusiasm and hard work. One young member has even got a Blue Peter badge for her efforts! Although it can seem overwhelming, we have made a noticeable difference on the riverbanks in all directions from the Sett / Goyt confluence, in Mousley Bottom and around Hague Bar.

In response to the comments on the danger of spreading the plant once the seeds have set, this has always been acknowledged by the project. At the more recent bashing events we have concentrated on the smaller, younger plants coming through in areas cleared earlier in the year, and tried to leave the seeding plants alone, apart from where they pose a threat to already cleared areas. In the latter case we merely bend the stem so that it sheds its seeds back into the already infected area.

The next stage in the project will be to take stock of this year’s experiences, and to create an effective plan for next year. It would be good to involve more local groups, work out how we can tackle the more difficult sites, and maybe get some funding for materials we may need. We’ll let you know when a meeting has been arranged.

Thanks again for your support!


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