Pollinator garden is buzzing!

marmalade hoverfly
The Pollinator Garden at Spring Bank Arts Centre was one of the first projects Transition New Mills helped deliver, in conjunction with St James Arts Centre and New Mills School (see blog entry 31st October 2013)
Just over a year on, local ecologist Helen Brown kindly undertook an invertebrate
audit on the garden on 31st August 2014. Here’s what was spotted in an hour:
Eristalis tenax (European hoverfly / drone fly)
Gymnochaeta viridis (a Tachinid fly)
Melanostoma scalare (chequered hoverfly)
Episyrphus balteatus (marmalade hoverfly)
Beetles & Bugs
Anthocoris nemorum (common flower bug)
Apoderus pomurae (a weevil)
There were also several spiders, a bumble bee (v briefly), and a couple of other flies that did not want to be identified. Proof that the garden is attractive to beneficial insects as well as us!
Further surveys are planned for May & July next year, when a different range of insects can be expected.

One thought on “Pollinator garden is buzzing!

  1. I have added some late flowering plants to the Pollinator garden this weekend. Today two kinds of bee were having a feast on the tall Eupatorium. Result.

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