REWILDING interest group #2 – MINUTES

MINUTES of REWILDING interest group #2 7.30pm, Thursday 23rd October at Jill’s Apologies: Chris and Mike; and minutes were read. Present: Jane and Jill. Meeting arrangements – we’re keeping everything very informal at this stage. Visits – feedback: Rollins Wood – we really enjoyed this visit, despite the rain, and felt we would like toContinue reading “REWILDING interest group #2 – MINUTES”

Widening Horizons

“If money was no object, what could Transition New Mills achieve?” Since we formed in 2011, Transition New Mills has built firm foundations with around 20 people actively engaged in projects, an online presence (including blog and Facebook), over 200 members and supporters, as well as boring-but-necessary stuff such as a constitution, bank account andContinue reading “Widening Horizons”