REWILDING interest group #2 – MINUTES

MINUTES of REWILDING interest group #2

7.30pm, Thursday 23rd October at Jill’s

  1. Apologies: Chris and Mike; and minutes were read. Present: Jane and Jill.
  2. Meeting arrangements – we’re keeping everything very informal at this stage.
  3. Visits
  • feedback: Rollins Wood – we really enjoyed this visit, despite the rain, and felt we would like to get more involved with Matthew and Sally’s project, if they would welcome it;
  • future plans: Platt’s Wood – 6th December – and Rollins Wood are both easy to access, and we felt we would concentrate on getting our hands dirty at these sites, if mutually convenient – Jane to email Sally/Matthew. (Note – this can’t happen at the moment at Rollins Wood, as Sally’s sadly not well: if we can help out later, we’ll be glad to do so.) If future visits to Mousley Bottom, Alport valley, and Kinder’s ‘Moors for the Future’ project can be arranged, we will inform people;
  • we would also like to visit New House FarmJane to arrange a date – they have been assessed as carbon neutral, have lots of local knowledge, and are happy to welcome people on short tours (small charge);
  • any Transition member who regularly visits Kinder might be interested to take part in this community science project, although we’re not planning to take this up as a group:
  • some of us may go up to Trees for Life, for a volunteering week, perhaps next year.
  1. Public meeting
  • Jane will write to, not email, one or two keynote speakers to ascertain interest and availability (and cost) – top choices George Monbiot, Roger Tassell (if he does talks), Alan Watson Featherstone (if he travels) or another general pro-rewilding figure, PLUS, if possible, representatives of interest groups such as birds, moors, Nat Trust etc. plus water companies.
  • Jill will talk to Chris about other possible invitees suggested by the latter.
  • We’re particularly interested to have a dialogue with local farmers, who have concerns about some of the proposals of the Nat Trust, esp. reduced grazing. Jane and Chris had both spoken to a farmer/smallholder respectively, and have started to understand some of the areas of concern about RW (fire risk, food security, loss of shelter for stock and loss of migration routes, loss of sheep stratification, undergrazing affecting grass quality, etc.) (NB farmers do meet with the Trust, but I think without the public or other bodies.)
  1. Other priorities
  • nothing further, at this stage
  1. Grants
  • nothing identified at this stage (except possibly to underwrite the costs of a meeting)
  1. Date of next meeting(s)
  • 6th December, at Jill’s, ‘pot luck’ supper – turn up with food and drink. (Thereafter, we’ll meet over food.)

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