You’d have to be an ostrich of the first order not to have noticed that there’s an election coming up…

We thought it would be a good idea to see what the people who’ll appear on our ballot papers think about issues related to Transition to help decide who will get our vote. To that end, we’re proposing to ask our General Election candidates questions that are close to our hearts.

For example, where do they stand on community energy, local food, local jobs, rewilding, or more generally on building community resilience to potential shocks from peak oil, climate change or financial crises?

This is where you come in!

We’d like you to suggest questions that we’ll ask candidates for the High Peak constituency on behalf of Transition New Mills. We’ll pick a manageable number of the best suggestions and we’ll share the answers we get on this blog.

So, thinking caps on please, and submit your penetrating, witty, and/or insightful questions on any subject that’s relevant to Transition by commenting on this blog post or by emailing us at transitionnewmills@gmail.com. Within the next week please!