Help us stay warm and cut fuel bills in New Mills homes

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Do you know people or groups in New Mills living in inefficient housing, on low incomes or in fuel poverty, who are struggling to stay warm and healthy in their home and keep their bills affordable?

Transition New Mills is keen to help High Peak CVS deliver free energy advice sessions in New Mills to help people cut their fuel costs. High Peak CVS’s trained and experienced Big Energy Saving team can help people to:

  • Switch energy supplier, and tariff or payment method to get a better deal
  • Find out if they qualify for a Warm Home Discount worth £140 this Winter
    Access grants to improve the energy efficiency of their homes, including insulation and boiler replacement
  • Make no and low-cost energy efficiency changes to their home
  • Make simple behavioural changes to use less energy and keep warm and healthy

High Peak CVS is offering short training sessions for staff and volunteers who support disadvantaged people, informal chats / awareness raising presentations for community groups and audiences, and 1-1 surgery sessions to help individuals take action to save money and energy.

We’d like your help to reach the people who would most benefit from this initiative. Likely audiences include elderly people, young families, people with disabilities and long-term health problems, those off-gas-grid or on low incomes.

High Peak CVS are already in contact with some groups in New Mills, but we would really like your suggestions as to which groups or organisations can help us reach the people in most need of this help, and how we can best make contact with them.

This offer is time limited, so please make your suggestions by reply or email as soon as possible.

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