Balsam Bashing Cash Boost!

I’m delighted to be able to tell you that Transition New Mills has been given a £500 Greenwatch Action Grant from Derbyshire County Council for the Tackling Invaders project to help us step up our efforts to deal with Himalayan Balsam this year.

This will enable us to:

  • purchase protective equipment such as gauntlets
  • publicise the project better
  • run more events for the public by providing insurance cover

This is great news and a testament to the support of those who made the project a success last year. I hope we will be able to involve many more people this year and raise awareness to a wider audience.

If you can help out with organising the project, or if you have contacts in local groups who may be interested in participating (eg. landowners, scout groups, conservation groups, anglers, or anyone else) then we would love to hear from you.
The latest Project Plan can be seen here: Tackling Invaders Project Plan 2015. It’s likely that the first events will be held from June. If you’d like to be kept in touch more closely we have a separate email contact list for the Tackling Invaders project; let us know at if you would like to be added to it.

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