Transition Network International Conference 2015

September 18th-20th, Seale-Hayne, Devon, UK

The Transition Network is planning its next major Conference in the UK this year. The organisers are looking to create a truly international event, inviting worldwide attendance from the movement and creating a melting pot of inspiration, creativity and connection. Experience suggests that those who attend find the event rejuvenating, affirming and that it deepens their awareness and connection to Transition. Attendees look forward to the Conferences with excitement and this one is going to be very, very special.

If you would like to attend on behalf of Transition New Mills, we would happily subsidise you (probably very generously) from the training budget we got from Derbyshire County Council, although you must be a member. (We’ll let you join just for this if you’re not already!)

Conference details, including location, transport, ticketing and accommodation options, are available at the conference website:

If you can’t attend in person, you can take part in the Global Webcast: The global webcast will be an interactive event held during the conference aimed at deepening connections with Transitioners around the world. It will be an opportunity for Transitioners worldwide to engage with Transition Network, Hubs and others in the Movement. More details will be available about the webcast on the conference website soon.

If you have any questions, please contact the Project Coordinator,
Dan Hurring (