More Balsam Bashing Dates!

We’ve arranged a series of events around the town to help reduce the spread of an invasive weed, Himalayan Balsam. This plant grows quickly and spreads very rapidly, and is threatening both the number and variety of native plants, and also contributing to soil erosion once it has died back to leave bare soil in the winter. Initial Transition efforts to remove the plant in the Torrs were both successful and popular, so thanks to a Derbyshire County Council Greenwatch grant, we’re able to put on more events this year. Come and join us at the dates / venues below:

Sat 27 June 11:00-13:00,  Torrs, meet at Archie Torrs Hydro
Sun 28 June  11:00-13:00   Picker/SVT,    meet by old Pineapple pub, Salem Bridge
Sat  4 July   11:00-13:00   Picker   meet by old Pineapple pub, Salem Bridge

Wed   8  July    19:30-21:00   Torrs    meet at Archie Torrs Hydro
Sat 11 July   11:00-13:00  Mousley Bottom (tbc) Sat 18 July   11:00-13:00,   Picker  meet by old Pineapple pub, Salem Bridge
Sun 26 July   11:00-13:00,  Mousley Bottom (tbc)

Please put these in your diaries, it would be great to see you there!  Bring gardening gloves (some spares will be available) and stout footwear. No previous experience is necessary and brief training will be given.

Don’t forget, you can also Pledge to Pick a Patch of your choosing, for which you’d like to be responsible for keeping clear of balsam, or let us know if you want to be added to an informal list of bashers who prefer just to be alerted if anyone is going out bashing for an hour on an evening.  If you’d like to lead a session, similarly please let us know.

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