Lobby Our MP to Support a Safe Climate

The governments of more than 190 nations gather in Paris in late November to discuss a global agreement on climate change. Scientists have warned that unless greenhouse gas emissions start to fall, we will exceed a temperature rise of 2 degrees C above pre-industrial levels. Above this rise, global warming will become catastrophic and irreversible.Continue reading “Lobby Our MP to Support a Safe Climate”

A Triumph for Trees!

Thanks to you all for a brilliant effort. Around 400 trees were planted on and around the Derby Road playing fields in New Mills on Sunday and Monday, in a joint project between Transition New Mills and Thornsett School. Thank you to everyone who cleared the ground, put out the marker canes, planted trees, putContinue reading “A Triumph for Trees!”


SUNDAY 15TH NOVEMBER 10.00 – 3.00 AT DERBY ROAD PLAYING FIELD. The trees have arrived and are eager to be planted in their new home, in a joint project between Transition New Mills and Thornsett Primary School! Thank you to all who have offered to help. Anyone else who is free for an hour orContinue reading “TREE PLANTING THIS SUNDAY!”

Divest Derbyshire

Please sign this petition (of which Transition New Mills is a named supporter) to urge Derbyshire County Council to divest from fossil fuels and join the new zeitgeist… https://campaigns.gofossilfree.org/petitions/divest-derbyshire Derbyshire County Council Pension Fund has £290 million invested in fossil fuel industries, including Royal Dutch Shell, BP and Rio Tinto. Fossil fuel industries make upContinue reading “Divest Derbyshire”