A Triumph for Trees!

Thanks to you all for a brilliant effort. Around 400 trees were planted on and around the Derby Road playing fields in New Mills on Sunday and Monday, in a joint project between Transition New Mills and Thornsett School.

Thank you to everyone who cleared the ground, put out the marker canes, planted trees, put on and checked the guards, contributed cakes and made tea.  Also thank you to those of you who turned up after we had finished on Sunday  – sorry  our volunteers were so efficient – and to those who expressed their interest and support but couldn’t help on the day.

Thank you to the head, staff, children and parents at Thornsett School. We hope you are proud of your contribution and excited about the prospect of watching the trees grow and seeing the wildlife thrive as a result. We are relying on you to keep an eye out for the trees and to help make the whole of your local community feel that the trees belong to them.

We hope that this is just the beginning of bring more trees back to the area. The Woodland Trust is giving away nearly 5 million trees to community and school groups in the UK over the next 3 years. We would be happy to bid for more trees and organise another event next Autumn.

All we need is some land – so if you have spare land yourself, or know someone who does, or can suggest a suitable plot, please let us know.

Christine Moore    chrism44ind@yahoo.com

Jane Ayres   janecampaign@gmail.com

Jill Hulme   jillhulme@gmail.com


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