Transition New Mills Lobbies MP To Support A Safe Climate

Three of us from Transition New Mills (Jane Ayres, Sue Cooper and Rick Seccombe) met with Andrew Bingham on 12th December 2015. We handed him 38 letters, most of which had been signed by constituents during a street leafleting session in New Mills on 28th November.¬† Additional letters were sent by email. We had aContinue reading “Transition New Mills Lobbies MP To Support A Safe Climate”

What Happens to your Recycling?

We know about the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ mantra to reduce waste, but until now it has been a bit of a mystery what happens to our recycling when it’s left for the binmen to collect, leading to a number of urban myths. A new tool from Derbyshire County Council now lets¬†people see exactly where theirContinue reading “What Happens to your Recycling?”