DCC recycling

We know about the ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ mantra to reduce waste, but until now it has been a bit of a mystery what happens to our recycling when it’s left for the binmen to collect, leading to a number of urban myths.

A new tool from Derbyshire County Council now lets people see exactly where their recycling ends up and what it’s turned into.

You can check where your recycling goes to be sorted, how and where it’s recycled and what it’s turned into, as well as what happens to waste if you don’t put it in your recycling bin.

You can also use it to look up useful information about the kerbside recycling collection service run by High Peak Borough Council − including which items can be recycled and which bin you should put them in.

Check the tool out now  at www.derbyshire.gov.uk/yourrecycling and enter the online competition to win a stylish home recycling unit (competition closes on 4 January 2016).