Transition New Mills Lobbies MP To Support A Safe Climate

Three of us from Transition New Mills (Jane Ayres, Sue Cooper and Rick Seccombe) met with Andrew Bingham on 12th December 2015.

We handed him 38 letters, most of which had been signed by constituents during a street leafleting session in New Mills on 28th November.  Additional letters were sent by email.

We had a wide ranging discussion with him.  We urged him to use his influence to support the government in taking a lead in ensuring that UK greenhouse gas emissions are reduced to keep global temperature rise within 2 degrees.

We suggested that immediate strategies would include the expansion of renewable energy production and the reduction of energy consumption through a massive insulation programme and a tightening of environmental regulations on household appliances.

We said that the priority was to massively reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and that government was in a position to take a lead on this and that it was not enough just to educate people of the need to individually have a lower carbon footprint.  One example we gave was the need to make air travel a less attractive means of travel rather than more attractive through building more runways.

Andrew Bingham confirmed in a letter that he thought that climate change was one of the most serious threats that the country and the world faces and he believes that the UK is taking a leading role on the world stage in the fight against climate change.

Lobbying by members of Transition New Mills and Sustainable Hayfield seems to be encouraging an interest in green issues so we encourage further engagement and recommend booking a slot at his surgery.

His contact details and surgery sessions are on his website

Let us know how you get on!

One thought on “Transition New Mills Lobbies MP To Support A Safe Climate

  1. Well done folks. I tweeted him asking if he was attending the vote on the Fracking under national parks question and was he voting against it – I got no response. Deb Pitman

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