Or at least that’s what you might be forgiven for thinking if you read summaries in the mainstream media such as this one from the BBC.

Some see things rather differently, such as this analysis you can read on Kevin Anderson’s blog.

Or, there’s this more reflective piece from Rob Hopkins, founder of our Transition movement.

Whatever conclusions you might come to reading these three very different articles, below are two upcoming opportunities to hear more and discuss the Paris deal, its implications, and the future for our planet.

  • Jane Ayres tells us that the aforementioned Kevin Anderson is to attend an open Labour Party meeting at 7.30pm on 22 January in the Royal Hotel Hayfield where he’ll speak. There will also be time for open discussion.
  • The Transition Discussion Group is meeting at 8pm on 25 January at Jill Hulme’s house to discuss the outcome of the Paris climate deal. If you want to attend this meeting, please email Jill at jillhulme@gmail.com.