Balsam Bashing 2016

We are into our third year of trying to clear the New Mills area of the invasive alien Himalayan Balsam which is swamping our native flora. We know it is going to be a long haul but we are already winning in some areas. So we need to renew and redouble our efforts this year.

We shall continue to concentrate on four main areas : the Torrs, Goytside, the Picker and Mousley Bottom.

The balsam is already popping up so we are starting to bash while it is still small. We hope you can join us on one of the first three organised bashing events :

Saturday 21 May  10-11.30am   meet at Torrs hydro

Sunday 22 May   10-11.30am   meet at Torrs hydro

Monday 23 May  6.30 – 8.00pm  meet at junction of High St, Dye House Lane and Hyde bank Rd

If you can’t join us on any of these dates, please help by coming on a future organised bash, pledging to Pick a Patch of your choice or just pull as you walk.

Please wear stout footwear, long sleeves are more comfortable

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