Balsam Bashing New Dates

Happy bashers at the Picker
Happy bashers at the Picker

We are now well into our third year of trying to clear the New Mills area of the invasive alien weed Himalayan Balsam which is swamping our native flora. We are concentrating on 4 main areas : the Torrs, Goytside, the Picker and Mousley Bottom. We have already had 8 bashing sessions with over a dozen people involved.

We are really encouraged to find that there is a lot less balsam in the areas we have cleared over the last 2 years, and a variety of native plants are recolonizing the areas quickly – so we really are making a difference.

 Balsam bashes are easy and a great way to relieve stress! We would love to see you at one of the forthcoming events:

Sunday 3rd July   10.30 – 12.30   The Picker     Meet at junction of High St, Dye House Lane and Hyde Bank Rd    Leader : Chris Moore

 Monday 4th July  6.30 – 8.00pm  The Picker   Meet at junction of High St, Dye House Lane and Hyde Bank Rd  Leader : Chris Moore

 Sunday 10th July  10.30-12.30  Mousely Bottom  Meet at the bottom of Station Road  Leader: Julian Ashworth

 Monday 11th July  6.30-8.00pm  Goytside   Meet at Torrs Hydro  Leader: Julian Ashworth

Wear stout footwear. Long sleeves and gardening gloves are preferable (we can supply gloves if necessary)

If you can’t join us on any of these dates, please help by coming on a future organised bash, pledging to Pick a Patch of your choice or just pull as you walk. But please remember not to leave pulled and crushed plants on the path!

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