Membership is now free; but donate online and we’ll double your money!

Membership of Transition New Mills is now free; but you can donate online and we’ll double your money!

At our recent Annual General Meeting, we voted to make it easier for people to become members of Transition New Mills. So we scrapped the annual charge and made membership free, as we felt that this was a fairer and more inclusive way of doing things.

Being a member needn’t mean doing anything more than what you do already as a supporter of Transition New Mills. Of course we hope that you’ll get actively involved in some projects, and vote at the AGM, but if you’re just interested in what’s happening and nothing more, that’s fine.

We’ll be checking with all our supporters on our contact list, and any new contacts, to make sure they’re happy with this and still want to be kept in touch with a new monthly newsletter. We’ll also check that they’re all still eligible: basically, as long as you either work, rest or play within New Mills, then you can be a member.

We have also made donating to Transition New Mills much easier and fairer.  Now you can donate online whenever you want, for whatever amount you are comfortable giving. And in a fantastic introductory offer, we have teamed up with charity Localgiving and the Peoples’ Postcode Lottery to match any online donation, doubling our income at a stroke!*

We’d really love to take maximum advantage of this offer, so that we can do more of the things you want to see and do, such as:

  • expand Incredible Edible New Mills – more outside classrooms, more planters around the town and more edible plants
  • more organised balsam bashes and equipment
  • more visiting speakers
  • keep the website running and up to date
  • improve publicity

Many thanks for being a supporter; together we can go from strength to strength to make the town stronger and greener. Please do check out the Localgiving page at:

Transition New Mills | Localgiving

* Up to £500, and until April 2017

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