New Mills School Goes Solar!

It’s great to hear that Solar PV panels have finally been installed at New Mills School. Electricity generation started on Sunday 18th September from a 21kW array on the Maths and Swinburn Buildings.

In late 2012 the PTA launched the Solar Schools Project at New Mills to raise funds (aim £12,000) to install Solar PV panels. The school and PTA would benefit directly in the form of:

·    free electricity generated to the school

·    income to the PTA from Government incentive payments (FITs)

Approximately £7,800 was raised by the end of 2013, and Transition New Mills supporters raised over £400 of this through our ‘Clock New Mills’ walking challenge.

The Solar PV (much more than the school previously anticipated) has now been installed by the Schools Energy Co-operative. Although the financial model has changed, the PTA and school will still benefit by:

·    electricity generated sold cheaply to the school

·    PTA earning an annual interest payment on money invested in the Co-operative

Well done to everyone involved; another step closer to a low-carbon New Mills!


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