Transition New Mills March Newsletter

Local Giving Match Funds Deadline
Any donations through our Local Giving site will be matched using lottery funding… but only until April 2017. This could give us up to £500 of free cash!
Needless to say, we are very keen to reach this target, and being an environmentally based group there is flexibility over the projects for which we can use the money. The more we can raise, the more we can do!
Don’t put it off any longer: please help us reach this total in a very efficient way by donating as much as you feel comfortable at Transition New Mills | Localgiving

The Plan for 2017/18
We’ve been busy over the winter period putting together our action plan for 2017! We are going to:

  • continue balsam bashing,
  • continue to fund the Incredible Edible New Mills project and help them to build edible planters for New Mills and also to fund further outside classrooms like the one built at New Mills Primary.
  • bring exciting speakers and films to New Mills
  • continue to make appearances at New Mills Carnival and, for the first time, at the New Mills Festival.

No doubt the plan will evolve further as the year progresses but it is shaping up to be a busy year!!

Incredible Edible update
Things are hotting up now Spring is on the way:

  • Incredible Edible New Mills have also announced plans to restore the Paths For Peace planters that many of you may have seen around New Mills. They plan to plant hem with herbs and edible flowers. They are look for volunteers to help look after them thus providing New Mills with free herbs. Contact us for further details.
  • New Mills Community Orchard Forest Garden site preparation event 12:30-16:00 on Sunday 5th March in the New Mills Community Orchard, next to High Lea Park. Bring a spade and gardening gloves if you have them.
  • New Mills Veggieheads – a social group where like-minded individuals can eat delicious local vegetarian food. You can find them on their Facebook page.
  • IENM are also planning to have their own Incredible Drinks – the first being at 7.30pm Wednesday 8th March at The Beer Shed on Market Street. Join them if you can!

These are great practical projects; if you want to get involved, email us at

Can we help your employer?

It was fantastic to hear from Stockport engineering design firm Wilde Analysis Ltd, who approached us for opportunities for their staff to make a positive impact in the community through volunteer work. Time is one of the things Transition New Mills is particularly short of, so this proposal benefits everyone!

There are some great opportunities coming up, including balsam bashing and Incredible Edible planting, but there are lots more things we could branch out into with more people. If you think your employer would be interested in following Wilde Analysis’ lead, please raise it with them and ask them to get in touch with us.

War on Waste

The second topic in our practical short series of top eco-tips deals with waste and shopping. There’s a lot more to this than just knowing what you can recycle – with the aim of throwing as little away as possible in bins of any colour.  There will be something in these suggestions for everyone, and again, they’ll save you money and lower your carbon footprint.

Government spoils New Mills School’s solar party

Closely following the great news in October of New Mills School’s new solar panels, the Government is now unbelievably proposing a new business rate tax on solar power. This would diminish or even wipe out any savings that business and schools hoped to make by doing the right thing and investing in cleaner energy. In a further outrageous twist, this would affect state schools but leave public schools exempt because of their charitable status!

If you agree that this is both unfair and counterproductive, please sign the national petition (be quick, it will be handed in on Thursday 2 March) and write to our conservative MP Andrew Bingham.

Story time for the Discussion Group

The Discussion group will turn to fiction for the next meeting at 8pm on Monday March 20th. This concerns the  real life issues of water pollution and foreign aid in Bangladesh as set out in The Inheritance Powder by Hilary Standing.  Email us for further details on

We hoped you liked the newsletter – let us know what you think at

Forthcoming events

New Mills Community Orchard
Forest Garden site preparation

Sunday 5th March, 12:30-16:00
To lay out the site and fencing for the Forest garden pilot.
Please bring gardening gloves and a spade if you have one.

Incredible Drinks
Wednesday 8th March, 19:30, downstairs at the Beer Shed
Social get together for supporters of Incredible Edible New Mills.

Transition Drinks
Thursday 16th March, 19:30, downstairs at The Beer Shed
Come and discuss the latest projects, football or whatever.

Discussion Group
Monday 20th March, 8pm
The Inheritance Powder by Hilary Standing.
Email for details

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