May Newsletter

Spring is now well underway, and the plants are growing vigorously. This is a good thing for our Incredible Edible project, but not great where himalayan balsam is concerned! Both offer good reasons to get out and active though. Follow us on Facebook or our blog to be kept up to date of opportunities.

Incredible Edible update
Here’s what’s been happening recently:

  • The walls of Torr Top car park are being planted with edible plants and flowers, which look and taste great, and seem to have gone down well with people in the town.
  • Work has started refurbishing some of the Paths for Peace planters, at Hurst Lea Rd and Thornsett
  • New Mills Primary School are back up and running in their edible garden now the growing season has started again
  • New Mills Community Orchard have created a Forest Garden trial in the lower section of the orchard; further plants to follow

These are great practical projects; if you want to get involved, turn up to an event, or email us at Events are mostly on Monday evenings; check the Facebook page for details

Bash Some Balsam
The new season gets underway with a series of bashes in May:

  • Monday 15th May 6.30pm, meet at Archie (Torrs Hydro) in the Torrs
  • Sunday 21st May  2.00pm, meet at bottom of High Street ( to do The Picker)
  • Monday 22nd May 6.30pm, meet at Archie (Torrs Hydro) in the Torrs

More dates are being added all the time – keep checking Facebook and the blog. If you can’t make these, remember you can pledge to clear a patch that you want to be responsible for near you, or pull as you walk. For advice on balsam bashing see our website.

We are always after new leaders for bashes – contact us if you want to help run an event. We will provide training and equipment.

Discussion Group Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Transition Discussion Group is at 8pm on Monday May 15th in Whaley Bridge (lifts will be available)

We’re going to watch a short (about an hour) film ‘Carnage’ by Simon Anstell about veganism, and discuss a short article proposing VAT on meat which was recently in  the Guardian

Please contact us on for details if you want to go.

Top Tips (and free gadgets): Reducing Water Use
We’re in a very dry period at the moment (cue the start of a miserably wet summer!), so it’s worth making changes to save water (and money if you have a meter). Have a look at the latest in our series of top tips on the Useful Links web page, with something for everyone including free water saving gadgets!

Make Sure You Vote!
This election will be crucial for your quality of life and the environment we depend on, so it is really important to vote. Transition New Mills isn’t going to tell you how to vote, but we strongly urge you to take account of the parties’ positions on the following key issues when deciding who you’ll vote for:

  • climate change: their commitment to meeting the Paris climate deal and pushing for further reductions
  • Brexit: ensuring the environment and workers rights are protected or enhanced in legislation

New Mills Carnival
Transition New Mills will be getting the message across at this year’s carnival on the afternoon of 10th June, although the Disney theme may prove a little difficult for us!  If you can help out on the stand on the day, if only for a short while, that would be greatly appreciated – email us if you can, otherwise see you there!

AGM Date
Keep the evenings of 20th, 27th or 29th June free in your diaries for the AGM, subject to venue and speaker availability. We’ve a few ideas for speakers but if you have any suggestions please let us know.

Forthcoming events

Discussion Group
8pm, Monday May 15th in Whaley Bridge (lifts will be available).
Topic will be food and diet.
Email for details

Balsam Bashing,
Monday 15th May 6.30pm, meet at Archie (Torrs Hydro) in the Torrs
Sunday 21st May  2.00pm, meet at bottom of High Street ( to do The Picker)
Monday 22nd May 6.30pm, meet at Archie (Torrs Hydro) in the Torrs
See website and Facebook page for more dates as they arise.

Transition Drinks Thursday 18th May CANCELLED
The regular date for Transition Drinks clashes with the election hustings, so there will be no Transition drinks in May

Incredible Edible
See website and Facebook page for more dates as they arise.

New Mills Carnival
Help out or visit our stand, Saturday 10th June afternoon

Annual General Meeting
Our AGM will be held on 20th, 27th or 29th June – look out for further details!

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