Get Moving!

A new project run by Active Derbyshire and High Peak Borough Council will help make our community stronger and healthier, contributing to our shared ‘New Mills 2030’ vision.

This aims to try and bring more movement into the day to day lives of the residents of New Mills. They’re interested in supporting more traditional sports and physical activity offers, but especially determined to support people who are currently fairly inactive to make changes to their lifestyle. They want to widen the number of New Mills residents who embrace being outdoors. This could be either by incorporating more activity into day to day activities, such as using feet or bikes for travel, or becoming involved with a community initiative such as a community garden or a befriending offer of walking together.

They recognise a strong link between community strength and the level of physical activity in a town, and note the great potential for some cross-over or connectivity between some of the work that is already happening or being planned. They’d like to assist this but also see if there is some way we could help existing projects thrive. They’re also conscious that significant portions of the New Mills population participate a lot less than others. They want to understand this better and use your insight and experience to discover and enable activities and communication that will address this imbalance.

So if you have a project that increases people’s movement and activity, especially ones that address inequality in participation in physical activity, we and they would love to hear from you!

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