About us

The Transition Network is a global movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world. It’s a bottom-up community model that recognises we are living in a climate emergency. It is guided by a set of simple principles, which promote sustainability, creativity, collaboration, inclusivity and respect for the living world and each other.

Transition New Mills is part of this network, which aims:

  • to help the whole community work together
  • to make our town cleaner, fairer and more vibrant
  • better able to withstand economic and environmental challenges.

Projects are aimed at:

  • supporting sustainable local jobs and services
  • looking after our shared natural and environmental resources
  • reducing our energy needs and carbon emissions
  • strengthening community involvement, creativity, confidence and pride in the town.

We presently have a number of projects and events:

  • Cafe Transition regular programme of topical presentations and discussions in an informal setting
  • Himalayan Balsam bashing, particularly in nature reserves
  • Incredible Edible, growing community food for free in public places
  • Rethink Plastic New Mills, engaging with schools and the community to find plastic free solutions and reduce plastic waste
  • Discussion / Reading Group

We are always open to suggestions for new action groups around other issues or functions. If you have an idea, or are involved with another organisation and think we can work together, just let us know!

Examples of actions we have carried out include:

  • Removing the invasive weed Himalayan Balsam from sensitive areas of New Mills including the Sett and Goyt riversides, Mousley Bottom and The Picker, with the help of a Derbyshire County Council grant
  • Tree Planting at Derby Road playing fields, in partnership with Thornsett School and with trees from the Woodland Trust
  • Constructing planters and raised beds, for New mills Primary School, with kind donations of materials from local businesses
  • Creating a pollinator garden, at St. James’ Spring Bank Arts
  • Raised money for New Mills Solar Schools, by organising a sponsored walk
  • Discussed a wide variety of books, articles and films, including screening of Naomi Klien’s This Changes Everything
  • Promoted local ventures and activities such as How Does Your Garden Grow?, Torrside Brewery, the lantern festival, the Community Orchard’s apple day, Village SOS, and Sustainable Hayfield events
  • Working with our local MP, Ruth George, about action on climate change, including climate emergency response, transport, land management and other issues.

We would like to reach out to everyone who lives or works in New Mills to take part in building a more sustainable future New Mills.

News and Events

Visit and like out our Facebook Page or check out the events page on this website to see what’s coming up and join in!

Click below to access our Facebook page.

Transition New Mills Facebook Page

About the Mosaic

In the post-industrial age, with better legislation and stewardship, New Mills now has clean rivers running with healthy fish stock. In living memory the rivers ran with the colours of the mills’ dyes.

The mosaic you see in the banner of this website was designed by artist Deborah Pitman (one of the founder members of Transition New Mills) and made by people from all over the High Peak at the 2011 One World Festival as a celebration of the improvements to New Mills’ natural environment.

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