AGM and Foodie Friends Cafe

Our AGM this year features Father John Baines of St Georges Church who will talk about the recently launched Foodie Friends Café, a project which chimes strongly with Transition New Mills’ aims of bringing the community together to make our town fairer and more vibrant, whilst reducing waste. The AGM will begin at 7.30pm, Thursday 30 June atContinue reading “AGM and Foodie Friends Cafe”

Food and Climate Change

The next meeting of the Transition reading group is Monday June 27th, 8pm at Jill’s. The topic will be food and climate change – here are links to some articles (most are short but with links if you’re interested in further research): It has been suggested that, for subsequent meeting/s,Continue reading “Food and Climate Change”

Relax…Climate Change is Solved!

  Or at least that’s what you might be forgiven for thinking if you read summaries in the mainstream media such as this one from the BBC. Some see things rather differently, such as this analysis you can read on Kevin Anderson’s blog. Or, there’s this more reflective piece from Rob Hopkins, founder of our Transition movement. Whatever conclusionsContinue reading “Relax…Climate Change is Solved!”