Join the Community Conversation!

New Mills Town Council have declared a climate and ecological emergency. Transition New Mills is pleased to be in partnership with the Town Council to take this forward; come and be part of the conversation to explore what this means for you and your community. New Mills Town Hall, Saturday 7th March, 10am-4pm New MillsContinue reading “Join the Community Conversation!”

Another type of Manifesto

The New Mills Transition Reading Group meets monthly in someone’s home to discuss a book or, occasionally, to watch a film/video or host a speaker. Last month we discussed Derbyshire County Council’s Carbon Reduction Manifesto which was published in May 2019. There was a lively discussion critiquing the Manifesto – Overall it was seen asContinue reading “Another type of Manifesto”

What Are Your Plans For 2016?

As we get into the New Year proper, we take a quick look at what the challenges and opportunities are, and what we could collectively do about it. The floods over Christmas reminded us once again just how precarious our environment can be at times. Climate change almost certainly means that events like these will becomeContinue reading “What Are Your Plans For 2016?”

Transition New Mills Lobbies MP To Support A Safe Climate

Three of us from Transition New Mills (Jane Ayres, Sue Cooper and Rick Seccombe) met with Andrew Bingham on 12th December 2015. We handed him 38 letters, most of which had been signed by constituents during a street leafleting session in New Mills on 28th November.  Additional letters were sent by email. We had aContinue reading “Transition New Mills Lobbies MP To Support A Safe Climate”