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Clock New Mills Project 2013

Image © Karl Sinfield 2013

Clock New Mills raised £406.25 (including Gift Aid) for solar panels on New Mills School roof.

The rest of this page is for reference only…

Can You Clock New Mills?

Can you walk to 12 given viewpoints on the hills around New Mills and raise money for Solar Schools? The viewpoints are set around the town like numerals on a clock face. From each viewpoint, you can ‘clock’ (see) New Mills.

You can complete the challenge whenever you want as long as you finish before the clocks go back on 27 October 2013.

The challenge is to walk to all 12 viewpoints in whatever way you like, but doing fewer is fine. Just tell your sponsors how many you’re aiming to clock.

Solar panels

All the money raised will go towards putting solar panels on New Mills School BEC’s roof as part of the Solar Schools project.*

See the solar schools website: New Mills Solar School


Do you want a tougher challenge? Then make up your own goal, such as reaching a number of points within 24 hours or by walking a number of the viewpoints in the same walk.


Do you want a more quirky challenge? Then make one up, such as doing the walks in fancy dress, carrying a giant mascot…or…who knows?! Be creative!


We have three prizes for the most money raised, most challenging walk and most quirky, fun or strange way of doing a walk.

The prizes are (with thanks to these donors!):

  • A free shopping trip in Doc Greens
  • A meal for two in Simply Indian
  • Two tickets to see a New Mills AFC match

How to get involved

Ask your friends, neighbours and family to sponsor you for each point clocked or the whole challenge. Fill in their details on our Sponsorship Form (remember to ask them to Gift Aid their donation if they pay tax).

You can find the 12 viewpoints on the back of the sponsorship form and on our interactive Google map:

Take a photo at each viewpoint – of the view, of yourself, of your friends.

Tell us and the world as you complete each walk by posting your photos and experiences on our dedicated Facebook page:

Or you can tweet us at Twitter @ClockNewMills.

When you’ve completed the challenge

When you’ve completed the challenge, you’ll need to collect the money from your sponsors and send it to us. To do this, simply go to our BT donation website and use a credit or debit card to pay.

Please ensure you make the payment by 27 November 2013 – one month after the challenge has to be completed.

If you want to win one of the prizes for most challenging or most quirky, email to tell us (with photographic evidence!). You don’t need to do anything to win the prize for most money raised because the donation site will let us know who has donated the most.

More information

If you have any questions or comments about any aspect of Clock New Mills, feel free to email us at

Good luck!

1 o’clock Lantern Pike 026 882 Try walking along the Sett Valley Trail from The Torrs to the bottom of Lantern Pike. If you don’t fancy such a long walk, park somewhere between The Sycamore Inn and The Grouse.
2 o’clock Shooting Cabin 051 884 The best place to start this walk is from Kinder Road, just through Hayfield. Why not go on from the Shooting Cabin and walk up Kinder Scout?
3 o’clock New Allotments 033 845 This viewpoint is up a track at the end of Laneside Road. Either walk up from The Hare & Hounds or park at the top of Laneside Road.
4 o’clock Overhill Road 027 834 You could drive all the way up to this viewpoint. But it’s probably more fun to park up near Buxworth or on Dolly Lane and combine the walk with The Haugh viewpoint (5 o’clock).
5 o’clock The Haugh 018 836 The quickest way to this viewpoint is by parking (safely!) on Dolly Lane, or combining it with the Overhill Road viewpoint (4 o’clock).
6 o’clock Kiln Knoll 002 836 This viewpoint is accessible from Furness Vale on a path opposite the Post Office. You could get to it by walking along the canal from New Mills. If you have the stamina, why not combine it with the Easter Cottage viewpoint (7 o’clock)?
7 o’clock Easter Cottage 991 833 A direct route here is by following one of the paths from the A6 near to Newtown station.
8 o’clock Lantern Wood 974 825 This viewpoint is in Lyme Park, not far from The Cage. Get here from Mudhurst Lane or from Disley. If you’re really adventurous, start off from New Mills and walk along the canal!
9 o’clock Peak Forest Canal 977 853 This viewpoint is on the canal towpath near Disley.
10 o’clock Ridge End 965 866 You can easily get to Ridge End from The Sportsmans in Strines. Or even more easily from The Romper!
11 o’clock Rachel’s Seat 988 871 You can get to Rachel’s Seat from Brook Bottom. It’s quite near Mellor Cross…
12 o’clock Coach House Farm 997 872 Get to Coach House Farm via a calorie-burning hike from the centre of New Mills. Or you can park near the golf club. You might want to combine this with Rachel’s Seat (11 o’clock).

* Whilst we hope the money raised by Clock New Mills will go towards solar panels on the roof of the school, it is possible that the project will not go ahead for potential logistical and financial factors. If this is the case, monies raised will instead be spent on environmental and/or sustainability projects at the school.

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