Transition New Mills aim to put on a number of events each year.  Proposed and past events are outlined below.  Please also visit the Events Page of our Facebook page for information on events: and sign up to the blog.

2021 Annual General Meeting

7pm, Thursday 13th May, by Zoom. Register here: Transition New Mills AGM | Facebook

Agenda and papers:

Café Transition Cafe Transition logo

Café Transition is a place where ideas to facilitate transition to a more sustainable world can be explored in a relaxed and friendly environment. Café Transition aims to listen, learn, discuss…then do!  The events are roughly every 4-6 weeks, and are currently online. Check out forthcoming events on the Café Transition Facebook page.

Previous Café Transition events have included:

  • Extinction Rebellion High Peak: Climate change/Heading for extinction & what to do
  • All That Waste: guidance on how waste and recycling is managed locally,Rethink Plastic High Peak pointing the way to reducing our waste, and New Mills Litterpick Party describing their work and introducing the New Mills Spring Clean.
  • People Powered Retrofit:  improving comfort and lowering carbon in existing housing, with a focus on local resources from Manchester’s Carbon Coop project, and Eco-Retrofit to a house in New Mills.

NEW: Bring & Share

We’re intending to trial a new series of social events when social distancing allows

  • Supporters of Transition New Mills, as well as anyone else who wants to come along, get together informally to have a chat and discuss possible projects in more detail. The event is an informal way of learning more about Transition New Mills, to discuss ideas and meet like-minded people. Everyone is welcome.
  • Details of when and where Bring & Share will take place are advertised on our Facebook Page (see above) and e-mailed to those on our e-mailing list (e-mail us on if you want to be included on our e-mailing list)

Balsam Bashing

The Himalayan balsam bashing season is under way – see our Facebook page for organised events between May and September.

Discussion Group

See Facebook events page

Community Events

We will attend New Mills Carnival, One World Festival, and will be having some events as part of New Mills Festival in September

Other Events

Previous Annual General Meetings

2020 AGM Papers

2019 AGM Papers

We welcome nominations for election to the Administration Group (Treasurer + 2 other posts). Please send your nomination to by 6:30pm 8th April, and be prepared to present a short pitch at the meeting prior to the election.

2018 AGM Papers


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