Food & Incredible Edible New Mills

Transition New Mills promotes locally produced food and drink, whether that is growing it in gardens, allotments or other open spaces, food sold in shops around the town or food produced and sold by local farmers and local food and drink producers, as well as encouraging cooking, baking and preserving at home and within schools.

This is carried out in conjunction with local people, businesses, schools and organisations and can be done in a range of ways, including talks and demonstrations on food and cooking, visits and open days, and publicity.

For these projects to be successful we need people to join our team. Roles are there for the asking in planning, discussions with pub landlords, councils etc; construction, maintenance and anything else you would be interested in. In particular we need Project Champions for each project.


Incredible Edible New Mills is one of Transition New Mill’s projects that brings together the efforts of different groups and organisations throughout the community.

It promotes more widespread cultivation of food by as many people and organisations as possible, inspired by the original Incredible Edible project at Todmorden. See our offshoot Incredible Edible New Mills Facebook page

New Mills Primary School

We have just completed a project with the New Mills Primary School to create a growing space that the pupils are using to grow edible plants. The area is an outdoor classroom for the children to learn about growing plants and to provide them with vegetables, fruits and herbs to take home to their families; read more about it here.

More recently the school have been successful in attracting funding which will allow a polytunnel and a part time member of staff to expand their activities.

Local businesses have been kind to donate materials for the project; many thanks to:

  • Claphams Builders and Redmoor Building Supplies for materials
  • Derbyshire County Council / High Peak Borough Council and Ryans DIY for compost
  • Rolf West and Alder Garden Services 

Torr Top Car Park

In Summer 2017, the walls of the ramp to Torr Top car park were grubbed out and planted with a variety of edible plants and flowers, creating a welcoming and practical entrance to this area.

One World Planters

Work is underway to restore the series of the One World Festivals’ Paths for Peace planters around the town.

New Mills Community Orchard Forest Garden

New Mills Community Orchard need your help this Spring 2017 to create a small Forest Garden pilot.

Other Projects

There are other projects we would like to start working on, these are:

More Schools’ Planters

Similar to the above project at New Mills Primary – let us know if your school is interested!

Caterers’ Planters

Planters will be offered to Pubs, Restaurants, Cafes, Care Homes, Schools and any other establishments that prepare food for customers and residents. We will construct the planters, install them, fill them with growing medium, and plant them out with salad and herb plants. We will also maintain the planter throughout the growing season. This project could be extended to provide indoor planters for the winter.

The catering staff will then be able to pick salad and herbs for their dishes from the planter thereby reducing their food miles to food feet as well as being totally fresh.

This will be a great project for increasing the awareness of Incredible Edible.

Station Planters

Similar to the catering planters but at the Railway stations so that commuters can pick produce for their tea on their way home or even to snack on whilst waiting for their train.

Dead Space Planting

Have you noticed how much public space is filled with plants that have little value, that is no food value for wildlife including pollinators (bees especially), or humans and often have no visual appeal either. At best they may be bedding plants treated as annuals that look drab after a short while.

These spaces can be adopted by us and planted with edibles including edible flowers and flowers that are bee friendly. Again this will provide food for local people to harvest as well as having curb appeal.

Growing Spaces Project

Feedback from the local community has indicated a strong interest in projects to help people to grow some of their own food. People told us that whilst they were keen to grow their own vegetables, fruit and herbs, they didn’t know how, didn’t have the space, didn’t have the time, weren’t sure what things could grow in New Mills or needed advice on how to cook or store crops.

Transition New Mills have therefore teamed up with New Mills Allotment & Gardening Society and New Mills Community Orchard to help people to get growing. We aim to help provide advice on growing, storing and cooking, put people without gardens or allotments in touch with people who may have spare land which they could use for growing, advise people on what they can grow in window boxes, tubs and other small places and we’re also hoping to create some community gardens.

Other activities so far also include:
  • Beardwood Natural Living project; a community allotment gardening club offering the chance to grow produce and learn with others: see Facebook page
  • Promotion of New Mills Allotment & Gardening Society’s Seedy and Seedling Saturdays
We have other ideas to help people grow their own food, including information and knowledge sharing, more community gardening, and looking to make cheap plants available. We are keen to from people who would like to help deliver these or their further ideas, or if you have any top tips with a local flavour; please email us.
Regarding information sharing, we were particularly impressed with this inspirational website which may help many householders in New Mills who feel they haven’t got the space: vertical veg
Further information on the project will be published on our blog and Facebook Page.

Working with local producers

Many people like to buy local food & products if they can but don’t always know what’s available. If you sell locally grown or produced food or products, let us know and we’ll let people know through our blog and Facebook page. In particular we are creating an Egg Map showing locations of local egg sellers – let us know if you have any corrections or additions to make.

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