Members & Governance

Get Involved

There are a number of active and thriving private Facebook groups which cater for a number of different interests, and which offer a forum for the exchange of ideas, information and support. Simply request to join if you’re interested:

Transition New Mills main group: for all Transition New Mills discussion

Incredible Edible New Mills: growing food communally for the community

Bounce Forward New Mills: to keep New Mills’ local economy vibrant and resilient

Community Vision New Mills: to discuss how our community can become even better by 2030

Pedal Forwards group: cycling for leisure, exercise and utility purposes

Cafe Transition: explore ideas to help us become more sustainable at our friendly, informal events

Nature New Mills: to appreciate and help nature recovery

Refill New Mills: to reduce single use plastic

Rethink Waste High Peak: to rethink the use, and waste, of resources in our area

High Peak Warm and Eco-homes: to share information about cleaner, cheaper and warmer homes

Recycle More High Peak: on Terracycle, which enables recycling of many items that local authority waste collections can’t handle

Nature New Mills also have a WhatsApp group; email your phone number to and the group administrators will add you.


As a member you will belong to an exciting global initiative that supports communities all over the world. Members are entitled to vote in important decisions made by the Transition Initiative and you will be kept informed of upcoming events.

By becoming a member of Transition New Mills you will be:

  • helping to make the town cleaner, fairer, more vibrant and better able to withstand economic and environmental challenges
  • part of a valuable and fun community project, able to learn new skills and get to know new people
  • able to influence how Transition New Mills is run; which projects to do, and how we organise ourselves.

Membership of the Initiative is FREE, and open to anyone who lives, works or operates in New Mills, and is interested in helping to achieve the aims and objectives of Transition New Mills. Simply email .

Thank you!

2021/22 Committee 

  • Phil Frodsham  (elected)
  • Tash Camberwell (elected)
  • Toby Hardwick (elected)
  • Liz Longden (elected)


Our Constitution was updated and approved at the AGM in May 2020, and can be seen here: Approved constitution 2020.

Our Financial Procedures are described here: Financial Rules Approved Sept 2020

Our Data Protection Policies are here: Data Protection Final 2020

Our Safeguarding Policy is here: TNM_SafeguardingPolicy_v1

Our Health and Safety Policy is here: TNM_HealthAndSafetyPolicy

Our Code of Conduct is here: TNM_CodeOfConduct_v1

Our Equal Opportunities Policy is here: TNM_EqualOpportunities

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