As a member you will belong to an exciting global initiative that supports communities all over the world. Members are entitled to vote in important decisions made by the Transition Initiative and you will be kept informed of upcoming events.

By becoming a member of Transition New Mills you will be:

  • helping to make the town cleaner, fairer, more vibrant and better able to withstand economic and environmental challenges
  • part of a valuable and fun community project, able to learn new skills and get to know new people
  • able to influence how Transition New Mills is run; which projects to do, and how we organise ourselves.

Membership of the Initiative is now FREE, and open to anyone who lives, works or operates in New Mills, and is interested in helping to achieve the aims and objectives of Transition New Mills. Simply email .

Thank you!

2020/21 Committee 

  • Phil Frodsham  (elected)
  • Penny Cristinacce (elected)
  • Sam Roberts (elected)
  • Liz Longden (elected)
  • Helen Dean (elected)
  • Barney Crawshawe (elected)
  • Julian Ashworth ((co-opted)



TransitionNewMills-Constitution-After2014AGM (amended June 2014)

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