New Mills 2030

The ‘New Mills 2030’ book, created by residents and businesses in New Mills in response to the Climate Emergency declared by New Mills Town Council in March 2019, has been released.

Members of Transition New Mills, New Mills Town Council Staff and Councillors worked together to host a ‘Community Conversation’ open to all residents – held at New Mills Town Hall prior to the Covid-19 pandemic.

‘New Mills 2030’ addresses the aspects of New Mills life that residents value, they no longer feel served by, or they consider to be in need of repair, restoration or creation. Viewed through the lenses of Transport, Economy, Waste, Mindsets, Nature, Energy, and Food and Farming, working groups are being set up and are gathering, virtually, with a new sense of urgency due to the consequences of the pandemic.

Micro car clubs, circular economic arrangements and local producers, repair services, skill swaps, localised energy generation, a community food hub, wildlife corridors, tree planting and an e-bike scheme all feature in the New Mills 2030 vision, aimed at creating a legacy of sustainability for the town and its surroundings.

This is the output from that day.

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