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New Mills Town Council have declared a climate and ecological emergency. Transition New Mills is pleased to be in partnership with the Town Council to take this forward; come and be part of the conversation to explore what this means for you and your community.

The Conversation started on March 7th, with up to 80 people attending a workshop at the Town Hall.

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New Mills has a proud history of change: from the start of the industrial revolution, through the Cooperative movement, to reclaiming the Torrs and Mousley Bottom.

Now it is our turn for the history books! What would we like New Mills to be like in the future? How will it look, sound and feel? This is our chance to reimagine our Town and help create a positive vision for us all.

Last year we have experienced:
• moorland fires in February
• record breaking temperatures in July
• intense rainfall in August putting us at threat of flooding from the near collapse of the Whaley Bridge dam

Instead of feeling disempowered and disconnected, our community can start to build a response. We need to build resilience to future threats and actively create new and positive ways of living. What would you like future generations to thank you for?

Our Community Conversation will be imaginative, creative and, we hope, inspiring to all who attend.

We want to include as diverse a range of people as possible so please encourage colleagues, clients and friends to join in the process.

Emerging Output

On March 7th, all the ideas were assembled into a large book, which is now being typed up so it can be shared easily. Chapters will be published here as they are produced.

We want to encourage the conversation to continue and develop, so please email us or join the facebook closed group if you have any further comments, want to get involved in more detail, or have anything more to offer.

Nature theme:

The Nature theme notes are here: Nature write up

We’re keen to identify any more points the community wants to log, under the themes of ‘what do we want to keep?’, ‘what do we need to repair, restore or create?’ and ‘what do we need to lose?’. Crucially, we also want to identify actions that need to happen in order that we make steps towards this vision.



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