Rethink Plastic!


Rethink Plastic! is a new campaign started by Transition member Liz Longden.

The campaign focuses on reducing the amount of single use plastic used and thrown away in New Mills. Much of this pollutes our town, or gets washed into rivers and seas causing great damage to marine life and ecosystems that we rely on.

You can follow the campaign by reading Liz’s series of blog posts on this website and find out more on reducing your plastic footprint from our handy leaflet (Plastic info leaflet outside Plastic info leaflet_Inside).

refill_droplet_round_white Refill New Mills bottle logo Facebook leaflets etc The first element is Refill – a project to promote locations where people can refill their reusable water bottles for free in and around the New Mills area. This is based on an app, which can be downloaded to find out locations of bottle refilling points. These could be cafes, farms or drinking fountains – anywhere where people are welcome to top up. We will be working to promote the app and encourage more locations and businesses to sign up – this should generate more good publicity and custom for them, as well as reducing needless plastic use.

Further elements will follow, using evidence gathered in our plastics online survey – we are looking at ways to involve young people and businesses in particular.

If you are keen to tackle this problem, and can help us out, please let us know by emailing

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