Remaining July Balsam Dates Confirmed

Here are the remaining balsam bashing dates this month: Saturday 11th July,11:00-13:00, Mousley Bottom, meet at DCC Rangers Hut Saturday 18th July,11:00-13:00, The Picker, meet at old Pineapple Pub, Salem Bridge Sunday 19th July, 10:30-12:30, Mousley Bottom, meet at DCC Rangers Hut Sunday 26th July, 11:00-13:00, Mousley Bottom, meet at DCC Rangers Hut Everyone whoContinue reading “Remaining July Balsam Dates Confirmed”

Help Tackle the Invaders in 2015

The Himalayan Balsam is off and growing now, and here’s what you can do to help Transition New Mills manage it: At a Transition Balsam Bash: next session 11-12:30, Sunday 14th June, meet at Torrs Hydro’s Archie in the Torrs Park. Easier with stout footwear, long sleeves and gardening gloves (some gloves can be providedContinue reading “Help Tackle the Invaders in 2015”

Balsam Bashing Cash Boost!

I’m delighted to be able to tell you that Transition New Mills has been given a £500 Greenwatch Action Grant from Derbyshire County Council for the Tackling Invaders project to help us step up our efforts to deal with Himalayan Balsam this year. This will enable us to: purchase protective equipment such as gauntlets publiciseContinue reading “Balsam Bashing Cash Boost!”

Tackling Invaders

Take a country walk in summer and you will come across a fairly attractive plant with tall stems, green leaves ribbed with red veins, and profuse clusters of pinky white, fragrant flowers. If you’ve been walking for a few years you will also have noticed increasing amounts of it. In fact, so much so thatContinue reading “Tackling Invaders”