A Viable Economy?

Andy Murray Wimbledon win could cost economy £3.2bn How many of you, on reading this MEN headline, were suddenly praying he’d get knocked out of Wimbledon in his next match?  No, I didn’t think so, and it’s good to know that economic policy over the last few decades hasn’t obliterated people’s souls so much thatContinue reading “A Viable Economy?”

The Parties Respond to Our Questions! Q2 – Unending Economic Growth

Here’s the second blog in our series of High Peak General Election candidate responses to our questions. The full, unedited responses for this question are available in this document: Candidates Responses-Q2. Get involved in the discussion! Can the economy keep growing for ever? If so, where will resources come from; if not, what is the alternative?Continue reading “The Parties Respond to Our Questions! Q2 – Unending Economic Growth”