Update on community energy in New Mills

You may remember this blog post posing the question of whether we need more community energy in New Mills. An overwhelming 90% of people thought we did. There are a number of stages involved in getting community energy up and running. Broadly speaking they are: Decide on what type of energy project to develop Determine aContinue reading “Update on community energy in New Mills”


Cheaper Solar Panels for your House?

Sustainable Hayfield is exploring the scope for attracting significant discounts from solar power installers by bringing together households interested in having solar panels installed. Is this of interest to you? Owners of solar panels get three distinct benefits: a renewable source of electricity, reducing CO2 emissions and dependence on energy providers; opportunity to become moreContinue reading “Cheaper Solar Panels for your House?”

Time’s Up for Clock New Mills: Hazel Wins Her Prize!

As winter starts to take its hold, it’s nice to reminisce about days spent on the hills as some of us were diligently clocking off the viewpoints that made up Clock New Mills. For those who need a reminder, Clock New Mills was a walking challenge where participants walk to twelve (mostly elevated) places aroundContinue reading “Time’s Up for Clock New Mills: Hazel Wins Her Prize!”

The Clock is Ticking…

For those of you who don’t yet know, Clock New Mills is a sponsored challenge to walk to twelve viewpoints around New Mills shaped (roughly!) like a clock face from where you can see (‘clock’) the town. The idea is to raise money to contribute to putting solar panels on the roof of New MillsContinue reading “The Clock is Ticking…”