Your Money Affairs

Got a little money – lump sum or recurrent – you want a decent return from, but you want put to good use, avoiding unwise and ethically unsound investment? Or, maybe, you find ordinary credit lines difficult to access and want a responsible lender? Then read on… Our friends at Sustainable Hayfield have organised an evening focused on ethical finance –Continue reading “Your Money Affairs”


Widened Horizons? A Report

Thirteen of us attended our Widening Horizons workshop (original blog here) on 29 November where we peered into a Transitioned, sustainable future for New Mills and the Sett Valley. (As well as people from Transition New Mills, we had four or five from Sustainable Hayfield and it was great to be working together.) We usedContinue reading “Widened Horizons? A Report”

Cheaper Solar Panels for your House?

Sustainable Hayfield is exploring the scope for attracting significant discounts from solar power installers by bringing together households interested in having solar panels installed. Is this of interest to you? Owners of solar panels get three distinct benefits: a renewable source of electricity, reducing CO2 emissions and dependence on energy providers; opportunity to become moreContinue reading “Cheaper Solar Panels for your House?”